Sunrunner is a ginger tom with light-tan belly fur and amber eyes[1]. He is a warrior in RainClan[2].

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Sunpaw and his mentor, Riverheart, find Ronin and his kit in the forest during a border patrol. When Ronin states that he was told by a Lynxstar to meet with Sleetstar, Sunpaw blurts out that Lynxstar is dead and was the previous leader of RainClan. He then carries Ronin's kit back to camp, to help Ronin and to make sure he does not try anything.

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  • Sunrunner was named for: Sun (his vibrant ginger pelt) + runner (his tireless energy)[3]
  • Sunrunner acts as an older brother figure to Ravenfrost- they do not have romantic feelings for each other[4]
  • Sunrunner was named after the Ashton Drake Dragons of Crystal Cave, "Sunrunner, Beacon of Inspiration" collectible

References Edit

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