Sleetstar is a light-brown tabby tom with darker stripes and amber eyes. His paws are white.[1] He is currently leader of RainClan[2].

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Sleetstar first makes his appearance when Riverheart and Sunpaw lead Ronin and his kit into camp. Sleetstar states he has been waiting for Ronin and invites him, and his medicine cat, Shadewing, into his den. Sleetstar states that RainClan's previous leader, Lynxstar, appeared to him in a dream, giving him a prophecy: "It will rain once more when the wolf echoes the raven's call." He states that Lynxstar then stated that Ronin would be coming to the clan with his kit. He invites Ronin and the kit to join the clan, under the stipulations that Ronin will need to train as a warrior and learn the Warrior code. He then names Ronin's kit 'Ravenkit', after the prophecy.

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Sleetstar joins the commotion, only to find that Ronin has been murdered. He is very upset with Ronin's loss, as he was incredibly close with the warrior. He wants Ronin brought to the middle of the camp, where they then hold a vigil. A few days pass and Sleetstar approaches Ravenfrost and Sunrunner, asking them to come to the Gathering. He gently warns Ravenfrost that Bearfang will be there and they are still under a truce- Ravenfrost states that she will not do anything. Later that night at the Gathering, Sleetstar states that Ronin was murdered and found on their border. He then turns to Badgerstar, stating that Warriors do not need to kill. As Badgerstar defends his deputy's actions, Sleetstar goes nose to nose with Badgerstar, stating that PineClan's warriors have received many scars from Ronin in battle. As Badgerstar continues to defend Bearfang's actions, Sleetstar signals the end of the Gathering. A few nights later, he is seen speaking with Emberwind and Wolfstorm, of PineClan. He then calls a meeting stating that Wolfstorm will be joining their clan. He defends Wolfstorm, stating that Wolfstorm does not wish to be part of a clan that behaves that way, and that he, as a leader, has never acted against the best interest of the clan. Sleetstar states that they will give Wolfstorm a chance, at the very least. He then dismisses the meeting, asking Rowanflame to gather him some moss for a nest.

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