Ronin is a sturdy gray tom with a dark stripe on his back[1] and green eyes[2]. He was a member of RainClan[3].

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Prologue Edit

Ronin is first seen leaving a twoleg nest in a snowstorm, carrying a kit in his mouth. He carries his kit into the forest, only to be approached by two RainClan cats, Riverheart and his apprentice, Sunpaw. Ronin demands to speak with Sleetstar, stating that he was told to speak to Sleetstar by a cat named Lynxstar, who was the previous leader of RainClan. He is led back to camp, where he follows Sleetstar into his den- they are accompanied by RainClan's medicine cat, Shadewing. Ronin states that Lynxstar came to him into a dream, telling him to bring his kit to RainClan. Ronin confesses that he merely brought his kit to RainClan in order to give her the best chance she had at survival - his mate died during labor and the kit's other siblings were still born. Ronin was prepared to leave the kit with the clan and leave, but Sleetstar invited him to join, not wanting to break up Ronin and his daughter.

Chapter 1 Edit

Ronin's body is brought back to camp, after being found by Emberwind. She found Bearfang standing over his body on PineClan's border. A vigil is held that night for Ronin - the clan mourns the loss.

Trivia Edit

  • Ronin was prepared to leave his only surviving kit with RainClan, making sure she was cared for, and then to leave, until Sleetstar invited him to join the clan, not wanting to break up the family
  • Ronin is named after the character from the movie 'Epic'[4]

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