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Blood and Water cover by Raven-Kane

This is a fan-wiki to Raven-Kane's Web-Comic "Warriors: Blood and Water"

It contains character sheets, chapter descriptions and (maybe?) some exclusive content.

Please be aware that there are SPOILERS in this wiki!

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The Comic Edit

The comic "Warriors: Blood and Water" is written and drawn by Raven-Kane and the first cover (seen on the right) was submitted to DeviantArt on September 11th, 2015. Currently the story has a prologue and is in the second chapter. >>>start reading>>>

Main protagonist of the comic is Ravenfrost, a RainClan warrior. She was born to a kittypet and a loner, her father Ronin, who brought her to the Clan. The RainClan leader Sleetstar believes she is connected to a prophecy about a wolf and a raven and names her Ravenkit. Because of her stange blood heritage she needs to proof herself to the clan more than others. But she copes with it well until one day something shakes her world to the base...

Wiki started by AuraHunter aka Lucario2405 with permission from Raven-Kane.

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