Bearfang is a dark gray tabby tom with black stripes and vibrant orange eyes. He is deputy of PineClan[1]. Under his right eye he has two vertical scars[2].

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Bearfang is first mentioned when Emberwind states that he saw Bearfang standing over Ronin's body on the PineClan border. He is first seen at the Gathering a few nights later, as the deputy of PineClan. As his leader, Badgerstar, and Sleetstar, start arguing about Ronin's death, Bearfang yells out that kittypets and half-clan cats do not belong in the forest. After challenging Ravenfrost, he openly admits to killing her father, Ronin. They get into a small fight, only to be broken up. He is then reprimanded by Badgerstar, who is angry with Bearfang, but still sticks up for him. Following the Gathering, as the cats are breaking apart to leave, Bearfang walks by Ravenfrost, muttering that she had better watch out because Sleetstar can't always protect cats like her. Sunrunner calls out Bearfang, who is prepared to fight, only to be stopped by his brother, Wolfstorm.

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